Concrete Floors


Concrete industrial floors must fulfill a number of very specific requirements – adequate flatness, limited cracking and especially sufficient loads capacity. Any break of the requirements and the subsequent failure of the floor structure, would cause difficult repairs and expensive unplanned shutdowns. Good quality industrial floors are sought by industries; Engineering, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Food processing& others. Deficiencies in the flooring will create hurdles in the production process, affecting the industry’s productivity.

The latest developments in industrial flooring are of having very much importance as good quality industrial floors are sought by industries. In India too the demand for better performing industrial floors has been acutely felt as some of the existing floors in many industries are showing signs of serious deficiencies’. Therefore, urgency in upgrading the design, construction maintenance of the flooring system needs no emphasis. Use of conventional materials methods of construction that has characterized the existing flooring construction system needs to understand an immediate change for the better. The technology of design &construction of industrial floors has advanced tremendously due to new materials new types of techniques of construction.

The Technology of Design Comprises :

  • Materials Of Construction
  • Design Considerations
  • Construction Equipments & Techniques
  • Joints

With the availability of construction equipment’s, techniques of constructing industrial floors have vastly improved. Large scale constructions with ready mix concrete using laser controlled equipment appear to be a common practice now. It is reported that construction of 1000-1500 Sq mtr per day are possible with the use of laser controlled equipment. It dramatically reduces the time, reduces the numbers of construction joints, and improves the flatness of floors. The tolerances achieved with this machine in free movement slabs are FM1, FM2 (special), FM2, and FM3 in accordance with the TR34 Document. The world may not be flat but concrete floors are becoming flatter, to the point of becoming “super flat.”